Great review new review! ” “Classy… atmospheric…. lush… attic mad blues.. Stevie Nicks lead astray by Patti Smith”. Read it here:

Here’s a sneak preview Mad Cat Woman, from our new live ep, played recently on Alan Raw’s BBC Introducing Show.


Upcoming gigs

The Alexandra, Harrogate 6th Apri

Keithley Exchange Saturday 26th April

The Blues Bar Harrogate 18th May

Chuffed to be number 2 in the Harrogate Gig Scene top 10 with songs of Love and Murder, released January 2013, pipped to the post by local legend Karl Culley.

h adv top 10 vicky

Been a great year for music in Harrogate and we’re really pleased to be included amongst such a stellar cast of great original local musicians.











We have a facebook page – find us at https://www.facebook.com/dragonflytattoomusic

Follow us on twitter at Drag0nflyTatt00 (the 0′s are zeros)

And here’s our new music video for the song “Lilith”

Click on the Music Video tag to find out more about the film maker and the project to make the video. On other pages you’ll find all the latest news, our music, pictures, downloads and reviews from the band.

And here’s another wee peak of our new live ep, recorded in December with Rich Huxley from Hope & Social at The Crytp. The band are the male voice choir!


Leave us your comments and tell us what you think!

John Ross's Ludwig bass drum

matt 13 kit


11 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. What a fantastic night we had at the launch! Vicky has such a beautiful voice and the band is amazingly complimentary. You get the feel that each member of the band is totally in tune (mentally and acoustically) with one another.
    The pure talent if inspirational, i cannot wait to see you guys again.

  2. You were fantastic on Saturday!
    Your song writing is superb, with a voice to match
    We all thoroughly enjoyed the night and wish you every success with your debut EP

    Our best wishes to both you and Mark

  3. Awesome track and awesome video – seriously tasty brewing, like something Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds would cook up……I obviously love the drum sound. I think I’ll be playing this loud for the rest of the morning!

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